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Abortion Facts and Stats

Facts and Stats

For all you people who love to know what the studies say

If you've ever wondered about the negative effects of abortion on a woman's


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Cervical and Uterine Damage Caused by Induced Abortions

The American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology (AJOG) is a major medical journal in the field of reproductive health.

The AJOG has just published the 4th ever SRMA (Systematic Review with Meta-Analysis) regarding the cervical and uterine damage caused by induced abortions and future raised 'abortion-preemie' risk.

The May 2016  'Saccone' et al. SRMA  found that prior…

The BREAST CANCER LINK to ABORTION is significant!

Why Aren't Women Being Told?

It cannot be said that all women who have breast cancer have had abortions. Similarly, not all women who have had abortions will get breast cancer. Nevertheless, abortion is the most preventable risk factor for breast cancer.

See www.abortionbreastcancer.com,

Clinical Depression After Unintended Pregnancy Linked To Abortion

Springfield , IL -- This week's prestigious British Medical Journal reports that women who abort a first pregnancy are at greater risk of subsequent long term clinical depression compared to women who carry an unintended first pregnancy to term. Publication of the study coincides with anniversary events related to the Supreme Court's January 22, 1973 Roe v. Wade decision legalizing…

Abortion Linked to Pre-Term Premature Births and Post-Term Complications

A new study has shown that women who abort are TWICE as likely to have pre-term births in subsequent pregnancies or post-term deliveries.

Women's Mental Health Declines After Abortion While Childbirth Helps

Two New Studies

Rape and Incest Victims Reject and Regret Abortions:

New book surveys 192 victims.

A List of Major Psychological Sequelae of Abortion

Abortion Risks and Complications, copyright 1997, 2000 Elliot Institute. Compiled by David C. Reardon, Ph.D.

How can induced abortion be "SAFE" for women?

Abortion is Nearly Four Times Deadlier Than Childbirth