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Cervical and Uterine Damage Caused by Induced Abortions

The American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology (AJOG) is a major medical journal in the field of reproductive health.

The AJOG has just published the 4th ever SRMA (Systematic Review with Meta-Analysis) regarding the cervical and uterine damage caused by induced abortions and future raised 'abortion-preemie' risk.

The May 2016  'Saccone' et al. SRMA  found that prior surgical induced abortions multiply the pre-mature birth risk by 1.52 (52% higher risk).

Furthermore,  they found that prior chemical (aka 'medical') abortions multiply premature delivery risk by 1.5 (50% higher risk).  All four of the 4 SRMAs find a significantly higher risk of pre-term births for women with prior Induced Abortions. 

'Preemies' have higher risk of Autism and Cerebral Palsy.  Women with abortion history and subsequent preemies with serious disabilities may want to consider suing the abortion doctors who did NOT warn them of  future higher premature birth risk on the consent forms they signed.

The average lifetime cost of Autism to a U.S. resident is $3.2 million according to Professor Michael Ganz (Harvard U.).

The 'SACCONE' abstract:


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