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A Grandfather’s Story

by Jim Kaine

You might ask what qualifies me to speak on the topic of destroying life in the womb. The words I am about to speak to you are

my words; they are from my heart. I am a father of two daughters and a grandfather of two grand-daughters.

I have a heart that is saddened when I think of the two lives that were destroyed by the decision of my two daughters to end

their second pregnancies by what the world calls: abortion.

Why is my heart sad? It is sad because when I look at the two beautiful granddaughters that I have now, I cannot help but

think of the two lives that were destroyed in the wombs of their mothers, that would have been just as beautiful, full of life and

love and able to touch my heart as well as those around them with happiness.

When Krystal became pregnant for the first time, she was sixteen years of age. I was the custodial parent as her mother

and I were separated at the time. I was the last person to find out about her pregnancy, as she did not know how to tell me.

Everyone that she did tell, told her to have an abortion. When we did talk about it, I told her that I did not believe in destroying

life in the womb, that she should have the baby and I would support her any way I could. It was after this talk that Krystal felt

reassured and agreed to carry on with the pregnancy.

Time went on...and nine months later Alissa was born. Both Krystal and Alissa came home to my house, and as I watched that

little girl grow and smile a few weeks after leaving the womb, to make her cooing sounds, I felt that it was this baby’s way of

singing because she was happy as she laid in her cradle. Baby Alissa stole my heart ten years ago and continues to do so.

When I think of how nonchalantly I hear the word abortion go around conversation, I cannot help but think of the precious lives

that have been destroyed because of it.

I feel that I know I must speak in behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves. If they could speak, I feel that these

words would be some of the words that they would say. “I am in your “house”. Just because you don’t want me here, doesn’t

give you the right to destroy me. You opened the door for me and I entered. I don’t ask for much, just a place to be protected,

a place to grow, a little bit of food and while I’m here I will try to fashion myself like you. I hope to have your eyes and

your hair colour, your smile and your walk, your beauty and your mannerisms, your voice and your dimples. When you get old,

I will look after you. My door will be open for you, and you will be welcome in my house. I wouldn’t want you to be destroyed

because you might be an inconvenience or you might be unplanned, for you are fragile and need to have a safe place. If

there comes a time when I am not able to look after you, I will find a home for you that will take care of you.”

As I have asked to be a part of the Right to Life organization, and am an advocate for those who are alive in the womb, I have

thought more about the two lives that were taken in my daughter’s wombs. I wonder if they suffered much while the procedure for

ending their lives was being performed. My daughters are the same as millions of others who have chosen to use abortion.

They are not evil people. I love them with all my heart. I did not have the opportunity to talk to them before they made their decision

to end their pregnancies and if I could have, I would have told them not to be blinded by what the world calls:abortion.

I would tell them that the life inside them, and I would repeat the word life, was counting on them to protect and love and cherish

them; and that my daughters would get the same back one day from the babies they carried in their wombs. I would tell them that the world is being blinded by the usage of the words abortion, fetus and “terminate the pregnancy”. I would tell them to look at the daughters they have now and ask how they could destroy a life like their daughters. I would tell them that after the baby was born that if they could not cope with raising another child, that there are thousands perhaps millions of people who would give anything to adopt a child.

I would tell them that I am not trying to force them into anything. I would just want them to see things as they really are. I would tell them that no one has the right to end a life as the Canadian Bill of Rights reads, “The right of the Individual to life, liberty and security.” The world might call the growing fetus something other than a “life” and do its best to blind society as to what a ‘life” really is and is not. I would tell them that if they did decide to end the life inside them, that some day when reality “kicks in” and they have realized what they have done, that there would be a guilt in their mind that would be there for some time, if not all of their days.

Lastly and most importantly, I would tell them that “every little life that God allows to be conceived has a plan and a purpose and a matchless meaning. Just as we cannot decide which way the wind will blow, we have no right to decide which lives are worth living.

I would like to conclude my thoughts with a verse from the Book of Psalms chapter 139.13-14.   "For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; ..."