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THOUSANDS of WOMEN from CANADA, THE USA & Around the World are sending in written testimonies on the pain of Legal abortion physically, emotionally and spiritually. We want to hear from you too!  If you or someone you know is hurting after abortion, please contact us!

CANADA SILENT NO MORE for such a time as this:

1) To REACH Women and Men who regret their abortion(s)...and are suffering from physical, emotional or spiritual pain-and to let you know you are not alone, and help is available.

2) To TEACH Bring Education and Public Awareness to the forefront on the harmful after- effects of abortion to women by sharing the information from scientific studies and research linking induced abortion to depression, substance abuse, suicides, infertility, future premature births in subsequent pregnancies and breast cancer etc.

3) To INVITE other women hurt or damaged by abortion to JOIN US and share their testimonies as evidence that abortion does indeed have many negative after-effects on women and that it took the lives of our children.

Silent No More Women and Men Speak Out

Louise Didn't Tell Her Husband

Louise didn't tell her husband she was helping her daughter have an abortion, and now feels she can't tell him the truth

You are not alone...you can talk to us...we can relate…
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Testimony Before the South Dakota Task Force on Abortion

Luana Stoltenberg , Davenport , Iowa

Testimony before the South Dakota Task Force on Abortion

October 2005

 My name is Luana Stoltenberg and my life has been devastated by abortion.

I have had 3 abortions because I didn’t think I had any other choices. I was 17 years old when I had my first abortion. I was…

A Grandfather’s Story

by Jim Kaine

You might ask what qualifies me to speak on the topic of destroying life in the womb. The words I am about to speak to you are

my words; they are from my heart. I am a father of two daughters and a grandfather of two grand-daughters.

I have a heart that is saddened when I think of the two lives that were destroyed by the decision of my…

This “Choice” Has Brought 36 Years of Horrific Pain.

Are you pro-choice? At age of 15, I “chose” abortion to terminate an untimely pregnancy. I made this decision because I heard that abortions were readily available. That meant if some people in society thought that abortion was O.K., then it must be O.K. & my life would resume as before. I made this decision because I didn’t know the truth that “the fetus” or “the pregnant tissue” was really a baby,…

I Was Pressured by My Boyfriend

Laurie from Saskatchewan writes: “I was pressured by my boyfriend and parents to abort, but I got severe depression after the abortion and thought of committing suicide several times over the next 16 years. Not a day went by that I didn’t think of that abortion and my dead baby. I went into premature labour with my two sons at only seven months gestation. Abortion hurts…

I Tried to Pretend It Didn’t Happen

C.M from Winnipeg writes: “I tried to pretend it didn’t happen and justify it in my mind for ten years after. I was only 14 and my parents pressured me into it. I did experience anger towards them, low self-esteem and depression after the abortion. I have had a lump removed from my breast and worry about the breast cancer link too.”

I Thought It Would Solve My Problem

Janelle writes: “I thought it would solve my problem, but abortion made me feel guilty, felt worthless, I hated myself, I couldn’t sleep, I was full of anxiety, and anger, I got depressed and had to go on medication because I aborted my child. Children should have a right to live, they are human beings too. Two wrongs do not make a right.”

The Guilt Was Unbearable

Noelle writes: “After an abortion at 19, the guilt was unbearable, my self-esteem was shattered and I was an emotional mess. I went into a depression couldn’t stop crying and had to quit my job. I had severe nightmares, was self-destructive and found myself in abusive relationships. A baby will never hurt you, but an abortion will traumatize you!”

She Has a Badly Scarred Uterus

Bianca B from Ontario says she has a badly scarred uterus, and got a tumor called a molar pregnancy. She got an infection, fought depression, and says she is forever linked to those babies as their mother.

It Affected Her Sexuality

Lucie T. from Alberta says her abortion left her physically, emotionally and spiritually crippled. She fought depression and loathed herself after the abortion, and also got a tumor on her left ovary. It affected her sexuality, because abortion is connected to sex!