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THOUSANDS of WOMEN from CANADA, THE USA & Around the World are sending in written testimonies on the pain of Legal abortion physically, emotionally and spiritually. We want to hear from you too!  If you or someone you know is hurting after abortion, please contact us!

CANADA SILENT NO MORE for such a time as this:

1) To REACH Women and Men who regret their abortion(s)...and are suffering from physical, emotional or spiritual pain-and to let you know you are not alone, and help is available.

2) To TEACH Bring Education and Public Awareness to the forefront on the harmful after- effects of abortion to women by sharing the information from scientific studies and research linking induced abortion to depression, substance abuse, suicides, infertility, future premature births in subsequent pregnancies and breast cancer etc.

3) To INVITE other women hurt or damaged by abortion to JOIN US and share their testimonies as evidence that abortion does indeed have many negative after-effects on women and that it took the lives of our children.

Silent No More Women and Men Speak Out

I Wanted to Be Sterilized

Linda G. writes: “Shortly after my abortion, I told my doctor I wanted to be sterilized to ensure that I would never have to go through another abortion. Canadians should protect children in the womb, it is wrong.”

It Affects the Way I Parent My Son

J.D. writes: “I have suffered long term depression, had flashbacks and nightmares of my abortion experience. It affects the way I parent my son, I know that is why I am so overprotective of him…abortion should be illegal."

Abortion Brought Major Depression

Lorie Sprokkreeff writes: “Abortion brought major depression, feelings that I was a bad mother. I pretended for many years that I wasn’t hurt by the abortion. Yet, I punished others, my husband the father of our aborted child, and our live children. It will effect us for the rest of our lives. We are the parents of a dead baby.”

My Abortion Brought Tremendous Guilt

Kathy W. writes: “My abortion brought tremendous guilt and shame once I discovered the truth about fetal development. It is something I can never undo, I have to live with this for the rest of my life and know that I had my baby killed.”

After the Abortion I Cried Uncontrollably

A.N. writes: “I still feel physically sick when I remember this period of my life…After the abortion I cried uncontrollably, from the shame, guilt, remorse, sadness, anger and depression it has left me, but as hard as I try-27 years later-it is as fresh as the beginning of the nightmare.”

I Had a Major Sense of Loss and Guilt

Heather Dalzell from Alberta writes: “After my abortion I had a major sense of loss and guilt, I withdrew from family. I could not bond to my step children, and I had no peace. Abortion murdered my baby, it was wrong, but I thank God for His mercy and forgiveness towards me.”

For Years She Tried to Kill the Pain of Her Abortion

S.H. from B.C writes that for years she tried to kill the pain of her abortion with alcohol.. When she discovered the truth about what was developed ten weeks after conception, it traumatized her. They told her it would be painless, and over soon. They lied. She cried often and still mourns the loss of that child

After Her Abortion She Went Into Denial

Kelly Aquilon from B.C. says that after her abortion she went into denial, trying to block it out, but feelings of emptiness, anger, sadness and remorse began to surface. She hated herself, and says her abortion destroyed her child’s life and her life too.

Vicky Had an Abortion When She Was 23

Vicky had an abortion when she was 23. She was traumatized by the procedure and it brought guilt, remorse and depression. She has also had two cysts removed from her breast and is very concerned about women not being informed about the truth.

It Was The Only Pregnancy She Ever Had

Roberta from N.B. says it was the only pregnancy she ever had. After the abortion she felt like a piece of dirt, used, unworthy and betrayed by her boyfriend. She got clinically depressed and would sleep all the time, she wanted to kill herself, she had deep regret and remorse about the abortion. She had nightmares and has not been able to conceive since. She is now 40…