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About Us & Speakers List

About Us

Why did Canada Silent No More begin?

In 2003, Denise Mountenay invited some other former abortion patients to her home to discuss the conception of Canada Silent No More and in the spring of 2004, Canada Silent No More was born as a Registered, Non-Profit Society.

Our Purpose

To reach out to the millions of women across Canada and around the world with truth, love, compassion and hope for the future...

To offer educational resources, helpful referrals and peer-counseling

To encourage women hurt by abortion to join us in being Canada Silent No More through written testimonials and public awareness campaigns when they feel ready.

To equip women to be leaders in their communities and a voice that declares that abortion should be unthinkable

To establish a network of post abortive women and others interested in supporting our mission and goals.

To educate youth and young adults on the humanity of the pre-born, the consequences of abortion and the benefits of practicing chastity.

Many people think abortion is something women freely choose, and want, but we know it is really a very painful experience many women have deep sorrow and regret over.

Women are told “abortion” is the best and easiest choice to fix their unplanned pregnancy, but are not prepared when they experience the many negative after-effects physically and emotionally. At first we may feel temporary relief, but eventually the reality hits us. Most of us will try to avoid the issue, justify the abortion, and try to forget about it. But, sooner or later the truth of what abortion really does, and is, sinks in. This is usually followed by grieving, sorrow, guilt, regret, fear of judgment... and shame...

We are collecting written testimonies from women hurt and damaged by legal abortion...please contact us so we can talk, and listen and pray for you if you like. 1-888-777-5503 toll free

It is time for those who have experienced the tragedy of abortion to know

You can be forgiven

Women who are no longer silent about their pain and healing help others who are still suffering in silence to realize that hope and help are available.

We know that as women who’ve been there; share our anguish of abortion, and the damage it has caused us, this will warn other young women of its dangers, and ultimately save babies too. Although difficult, these women know that it is vital for others to hear their stories and the truth about what an abortion really is and does.

Canada Silent No More

1) Reaching Out to women and men hurt by legal abortion across Canada

2) Doing post abortive healing & telephone ministry

3) Hosting Abortion Healing & Equipping Conferences in provinces across our nation to train people how to minister to the broken hearted, and how to speak out in love.

4) Collecting testimonies from women and men hurt by abortion as a testimony on the truth and pain of abortion. (With help from fellow pro-lifers we want to collect thousands of declarations for use in research and lawsuits and to present to politicians as proof that abortion hurt us and killed our babies.

5) Doing workshops at the United Nations , meeting with UN Ambassadors and working with other Prolife organizations to be a voice for the voiceless during the Commission on the Status of Women

6) Speaking in High Schools, Universities, Prisons, Churches, at Pro-life Marches, Public Events, rallies, Conferences and where ever God opens doors to expose the lies and rhetoric of abortion and share our pain so others will live.

7) Interviews on Radio and Television …to get the message out that legal abortion is harmful to women. Bringing Education & Awareness to the forefront that all Human Life is Sacred! The CBC The National aired a 20 minute documentary on our work and mission, we have appeared on Huntley St., Nite Lite, It’s a New Day, Insight, On the Line, Miracle Channel etc…

8) Writing Letters to Editors and doing Media Releases whenever the opportunity arises to make a difference…and have had several published. PTL!

9) We opposed Morgentaler getting the Order of Canada and submitted a petition to the Director of Honors in Ottawa… and also meet with MP’s, MLA’s & leaders in Ottawa and across the Nation for Life…

10) We have a toll free number for Post Abortive women and men to call-anytime 1-888-777-5503

11) We have a free Billboard and Free 30 & 60 second RADIO ADS for pro life organizations to use

12) We have a website www.canadasilentnomore.com and are totally Canadian!

These are some of the many ways we are trying to change hearts, minds, laws and history for such a time as this. To God be the Glory! We want to serve God and be a voice for the voiceless; to stop the shedding of innocent blood in our land. “We defeat Satan by the Blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony…” Rev. 12:11 ; Prov. 31:8 –Please PRAY for and support our work and ministry-we walk by Faith! Denise is believing to recieve a salary one day for all of her years of service to this worthy cause. Can you help?