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At Canada Silent No More, we are committed to making a difference for life. Our founder Denise Mountenay has been speaking at various public and political venues, telling her abortion story and sharing the stories of many others. The plight of the unborn is being exposed, the message has been getting out and needs to continue to do so. Due to the effort of every pro-life speaker inroads are being made and lawmakers are being impacted around the world.

The task is daunting and the costs are not small. Much has to be done ongoing to enable the message to keep getting out. Denise runs Canada Silent No More full time and has no other job for income earning, so all of her personal and organizational costs are covered by your generous donations.

Costs covered by your donations include but are not limited to:

  • Venue costs at trade shows and pro-life events
  • Travel and accommodation costs (in order to speak at places such as parliament and the United Nations)
  • Printing of signs, banners and promotional materials
  • Website development and hosting costs