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Some of the things we have done in our past


MISSIONS accomplished for 2008

Here is a snapshot of some things that happened in 2008


Shalom. Although difficult to relive the pain, I know there is a higher purpose in sharing my testimony. We know that hearts, minds, laws and history will be changed if we speak out. Hearts are softened, hope revealed and babies are saved when we share our testimony exposing the truth of abortion in love. For over 20 years I have been speaking out in churches, schools, conferences, prisons, radio and TV with the truth about abortion…that it hurts and damages women, men, society and took the lives of my children. God has opened many doors for me to get this message out. But I am only ONE person, one voice! God wants me to train up and equip YOU to help us bring education and awareness to the forefront that abortion is a wrong, and not a right. We need YOUR voice, YOUR help and your finances to support us in reaching this generation with HIS Truth, this truth . Every day another 300 women ignorantly walk into abortion clinics and hospitals to terminate the lives of their babies in Canada ! We must be on the frontlines to expose the lies, and proclaim the truth…it’s a matter of life and death.

Will we be like the Priest and Levite who walked by and ignored the man who was beaten, bleeding and left to die in the ditch, or will we love our neighbour and have eternal life by being like the Good Samaritan and come to the rescue? Luke 10

We hope that you are doing well and that you are prospering. What a year it has been so far! My first talk was with our church’s Youth Group. Then on a freezing January 24 th Stephanie, Maria, Vicky and myself held a Media Conference to witness on behalf of hurting post abortive women in front of the Supreme Court of Canada to denounce the 20 th anniversary of when they struck down the abortion law in Canada in the Morgentaler case, bringing in lawlessness with absolutely no restrictions on abortion in Canada.

Again this year God made a way for me to lead a team to the United Nations in New York , with Maria, Darlene, Melody and others… We shared our testimonies, promoted the humanity of the unborn and did workshops on Women’s Health after Abortion. Dr. Angela Lanfranchi, a Breast Cancer Surgeon and Founder of The Breast Cancer Prevention Institute also led a workshop on the Abortion-Breast Cancer Link. Influencing nations with the truth. I have been invited to lead another team in 2009. If you feel called to join us, please let me know ASAP.

March 12-13 th the opportunity to reach hurting women, warn and inform viewers on the issue hopefully resulting in lives saved and redeemed through TV interviews on the ‘Insight’ and ‘Plumbline’ programs from The Miracle Channel.

It was a thrill to have our very first Healing and Equipping/Training Conference April 18-20th at Lake Nakamun , north of Edmonton . We had people attending from across Canada …and the feedback was great!

April 22-27 th I had several talks in High Schools and Public meetings in Hamilton , Woodstock and Strathroy , Ontario . We want YOU to join us in sharing your testimony and bring education and awareness to the forefront that abortion hurts women.

May 13-24 th I did many talks in Sydney , Perth and Melbourne , Australia . Met and ministered to several hurting women and got to speak on their legislature steps. May 30 th I did an interview on Top Story, TV. June 14th we had our first MUSIC Benefit Concert in Edmonton with Serguei Popov master violinist who was almost aborted...has an amazing testimony, he plays every year in Israel during the Feast of Tabernacles. June 4-7 th I participated in the World Conference on Breast Cancer in Winnipeg with a Poster Presentation on the Breast Cancer Link to abortion. July 4 th had a radio interview on CHED, Edmonton .

Left: Aug. 20 th I was interviewed on the TV program, ‘ On the Line ’ with Christine Williams. Carol Egan an Abortion Rights Activist was the other guest. She talked about how good it was for Morgentaler to get The Order of Canada. While I talked about the pain of legal abortion and damage it does to women. Including several studies regarding abortion and depression, suicides, pre-term births and Breast cancer etc…

Aug. 21 st God opened a door to be co-host of Nite Lite Live from 2-4:30AM! It was wonderful as we led several people to the Lord on air, and one 17 year old, Tricia just found out she was pregnant, and thought God wouldn’t mind if she had an abortion….by the end, she agreed to let her baby live, and gave her heart to the Lord.

Left: Aug. 22 nd Vicky Green and I met with Gabrielle Lappa, Director of Honours for the Governor General at 100 Rideau Hall. We shared about the pain of abortion, the physical and mental damage, the fact that it killed our children and gave her a copy of my book, along with photos of unborn babies from 6-16 weeks old with the heading from a Morgentaler website that they do abortions from 7-20 WEEKS old. I also pointed out that there have been several lawsuits against him and his clinics and his medical license was suspended for a year…along with the fact that he broke Canadian law for 19 years, a total disregard for the laws of our land! Sadly, they totally ignored our voices and over 30 thousand signatures demanding the Order be revoked.

Left: On Sat. Aug. 24 th I was invited to participate at THE CRY , to speak and pray about the truth of abortion on Parliament Hill in Ottawa and repent on behalf of post abortive women across the nation. It was a powerful, amazing event. Alan Huntsberger from The Light Radio interviewed me and also asked me to pray on air. May hearts, minds and laws be changed because of our voice for the voiceless.

With the UK trying to kick abortion into the front door of Ireland , I was invited to come and do talks there at meetings and had an interview on the BBC Radio in Belfast , Northern Ireland ! PTL! We met with several other post abortive women and prayed with many. Maureen Brown a post abortive woman from Manitoba joined me on this trip.

Then on to Amsterdam where we participated at a Baby Shoe Display. Left; Maureen, a First Nations woman labeled baby shoes for her two aborted children, and we repented for the millions of Natives that were killed when the white man came to North America. Will you help us collect 300 baby shoes to represent the number of babies exterminated daily in our nation?


I cannot describe the horror of Auschwitz , the photographs of survivors and heaps of dead bodies, the enormity of the systematic destruction of millions of people. It was a HUGE extermination camp. We heard testimonies of survivors who talked about the tortures, the shootings, the piles of dead starving people, the inhumane conditions, how children were experimented on with injections of poisons, and many forced sterilizations. The millions gassed and cremated. All of their possessions stolen. The disgrace, the, evil wickedness and cold blooded murders by the Nazi SS. The location where all of the possessions were sorted was called “Kanada.” Interesting how Morgentaler survived Auschwitz, immigrated to Canada , and began exterminating babies here for profit.

There was a group of teenagers visiting Auschwitz, from Israel . I could not help myself but approached the leader and asked if I could address the  whole group. I told them that my father was German, my Mom Swiss, and I began to cry as I told them “I am so sorry” repeatedly, and apologized on behalf of my German heritage. Several young teenage women came and hugged me and with tears said, they forgave me, they forgive us. I also told them that I had ignorantly had 3 of my children killed through abortion. That it is murder too, and that in Israel they are doing about 150 abortions a day there. I encouraged them to speak out and be a voice for the voiceless. One Israeli teenage boy said, but its their choice…and I replied, yes, and think about this then… “it was the choice of the Nazi’s to kill the innocent too” and it was wrong, wrong, wrong!

Then we went by train to Berlin where I spoke to a packed room of believers in a church. There were several post abortive women there also, who we prayed over and encouraged to speak up. Then we joined the 1,000 Cross March on the streets of Berlin , where they do over 1,000 abortions a day in Germany . Spoke to many people on trains, planes, airports and planted many seeds of life, truth and the Good News! To God be the Glory great things He has done. A special THANKS to Surrey/Delta Pro Life in BC. for placing CSNM Billboard and Bus Shelter Ads in the marketplace to bring awareness to the forefront on the pain of abortion to women!

PLEASE MARK YOUR CALENDARS AND JOIN US FOR OUR NEXT HEALING & EQUIPPING/TRAINING WEEKEND CONFERENCE AT FAIRHAVENS IN BEAVERTON , Ontario just 75 miles north of Toronto MARCH 20-22 ND ! We will be going through the steps for post abortion healing/ministry as well as teaching/equipping on how to be a strong, confident voice for the voiceless. Now please re-read the first paragraph…would LOVE to hear from you! We are looking for leaders in every Province to reach, teach and mobilize people to do talks in schools, conferences and with the media. If you would like to get involved in a Post Abortion Recovery Group please contact us.

God bless you and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Together for Life Ministries,

Love, Denise Mountenay