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If you have a heart to bring education and awareness into the forefront of this issue and warn women about the damage of induced abortion and the reality of human life, please join our efforts to be a voice for the voiceless.  Your support and finances are needed to reach the broken hearted and save babies.  Please contact us.

If you have had an abortion and regret it, or if you have been Hurt or Injured by an abortion please tell us your story. We know the pain of abortion and know how you feel. You are not alone, Help is available. If you would like to receive a free copy of the Mini-Book: “Healing After Abortion?” Or a brochure on Canada Silent No More” please fill in the information below:

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  • Canada Silent No More is a new ministry and mission reaching out to thousands of hurting women and men across this nation to offer help and hope after an abortion.
  • We are growing fast and need your help and support. We are a registered Non Profit Society. If you could make a monthly financial donation, or one time gift in any amount we sure appreciate your partnering with us in this last days initiative.

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CANADA SILENT NO MORE aims to establish a network of post abortive women, men and others interested in supporting our mission and goals.

Thank you so much for your help and support to be Silent No More and be a voice for the voiceless

Toll Free 1-888-777-5503 (please try again if phones are busy or leave a message) Thank you

Contact us if you are interested in a Healing/Workshop Weekend Retreat or if you are willing to speak publicly about the pain and grief abortion has caused you.




Feedback from Canada Silent No More Healing & Equipping Conference 2008

Reflections from the Conference


 Dear Friends for Life:

Here is our Praise Report on the Canada Silent No More Healing & Equipping Conference at Fair Havens Retreat Centre in Beaverton , Ont. March 20-22, 2009 led by Vicky Green and Denise Mountenay.  

Besides smoke filling the air on Friday night and the technical difficulties, we know that hearts were touched and people were inspired to be a voice for the voiceless. We also received 12 new Testimony Declarations on the pain of abortion from women and one man who attended the conference.

Here is some of the feedback:


It was truly an amazing weekend! I feel so blessed to be a part of Canada Silent No More!

The Title of the weekend was Post abortion Healing and Training Conference, and I really feel that was achieved! God touched the hearts of many women and gave them strength to be a voice PTL.  Personally I feel such a desire to keep fighting on and speak out to where ever God will open the door. I will walk through with courage and be strengthened by the Lcrowd. But we all have to start somewhere, even if we are nervous.   So what I did on Monday is; a couple of months ago I was given some numbers of prolife people in Saskatchewan to call by a friend, and I've been putting it off... I've always had a fear of Man, but the Lord is dealing with me about that. Well I decided that I really need to give these people a call. So I did.  I made some divine connections. I had some wonderful conversations with some great women!  and now I am going to sing and share at a conference in Nov for Options pregnancy and I may be singing in Prince Albert . So these connections have been sitting at my desk for over a month and it was God who was waiting for me to step out in faith. So I just want to encourage everyone that this conference is a stepping stone also for you to step on to 'what's next Lord?' And in the list that Denise provided there may be something that you are gifted in... or God is laying on your heart, He is waiting for you to move and he will be with you! This has been just something on my heart I wanted to share.. It was amazing meeting all of you, my sisters and brothers! Be Blessed The Lord has big plans for you!

Love Melody -March 27, 2009 ord. Something really hit me at the conference when Denise said she didn't always speak comfortably to a

So far in 2010:  In January Denise was a guest on Paul Arthur's "Insight" TV program on the Miracle Channel.  Feb. 5th she was a guest on "The Bridge" with Fred & Val Bennett.  She flew to New York City Feb 27th to co-ordinate a team including Carolynn George, Elaine Webster, Irene, and Heather White to attend the Commission on the Status of Women conferences.  Denise and her team hosted a workshop, and met with several UN Ambassadors.  In April she went back to the United Nations and made an Oral Statement to the 43rd Commission on Population & Development Conference!   Her talk was on Real Maternal Health Care and how it does NOT include legalizing abortion.  Denise spoke to the women at the Fort Saskatchewan Correctional Facility that month.  Several women gave their hearts to the Lord.  Many had abortions and were deeply hurt and wounded, struggling with addictions...

Dear Denise;

Hello there i saw you on tv at nite i was working and i watched the program, I was very very surprised to see how many people responded that had abortions there are so many many women out there, that have not dealt with this in there lives,I just can't believe how many women had an abortion, i guess it's as easy as they say and get no counselling. I wonder how those nurses feel that work at the clinic, or how they sleep at nite.I feel sorry for that girl in the hospital, she never got any counselling prior and now she will live with that awful guilt we all feel, but i will pray for her.You did a great job on tv. you spread the word, and i heard and i know you so you can imagine the people whose lives you touched, Praise God!!!!!! you are so patient!!!!! well i will call you soon!!! Keep up the good work, GOD"S WORK, Take care love Dianne

Have a super day!!!

In May she was the co-host of the Edmonton March for Life.  She attended several First Nations gatherings in June & July with Maureen Brown, networking and sowing seeds of Life & Truth. 

Canada Silent No More hosted another Healing & Equipping Conference at Lake Nakamun, in Alberta this time June 18-20th.  Denise spoke to a Pro-Life group in Edson, Alberta June 26th. 

Sept. 11th Denise was invited to speak at The Prayer Canada Breakfast in Surrey, British Columbia to a packed auditorium.  She gave insight and brought awareness to the Body of Christ, encouraged the troops also speaking in two churches on the Sunday. 


*2009 we produced our first Canada Silent No More RADIO ADS-

Available in 30 and/or 60 second spots


*We also produced our first CSNM Promo Video-7 minutes long and available for you to use in churches, groups or conferences to promote our work and mission-see on YouTube.


CSNM & TFL c/o Denise Mountenay-107 Discovery Ave. Morinville, AB. T8R 1N1- 780-939-5774

THANK YOU for your PRAYERS and SUPPORT to HELP make these TALKS possible!