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International Human Rights Day-December 10th

"The right to life, is undoubtedly the most fundamental, of all rights." 1 The preamble in The Convention on the Rights of the Child includes; "the inherent dignity and the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family" (my emphasis).

Less Abortions = Less Premature Births & Less Crippled Kids

Induced abortions do cause cervical and uterine damage, initiating premature births in subsequent pregnancies, resulting in a substantial increase in children born with blindness, deafness, respiratory problems, death and Cerebral Palsy…

Report on the Breast Cancer Link to Abortion

In 2014 the prestigious Medical Journal Cancer, Causes, Control published a huge systematic review and meta-analysis of 36 studies across China.  They found that women who have at least one abortion, have a substantial 44% increased risk for getting breast cancer; compared to women who did not have an abortion. [1]

Canada Silent No More Reports Global Pre-term Birth Epidemic

In 2007, The Institute of Medicine, a member of the prestigious National Academy of Sciences listed fourteen “Immutable Medical Risk Factors Associated with Pre-term Birth” including; “Prior first trimester induced abortion”i

Former abortion patients declare "legal abortions do not equal 'safe' abortions"

"Real Maternal Health Care for pregnant women should not include abortion," states Denise Mountenay, President of Canada Silent No More, an organization of women damaged by legal abortions.

EDMONTON, AB, June 29, 2010/Canadian News Network/ - The Lancet, Medical Journal recently published an article on research stating a substantial decline in maternal deaths since 1980.(i) Making HIV/AIDS…

Endeavour Forum Inc. - New York, April 13, 2010


NGO in special consultative status with ECOSOC of the UN

Statement by Ms. Denise Mountenay, Canadian Representative

On the Report of the Secretary-General on the Monitoring of Population Programmes, Focusing on Health, Morbidity, Mortality and Development

To the 43rd Session of The Commission for Population & Development