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Attention News Editors:

JANUARY 27th 2010


Absolutely nothing but pain, sorrow and deep remorse for the majority of women. In 1957, there were 144,432 births in Canada, including mine, and no abortions that we know of. In 1969 the Liberal Gov’t began to open the doors to abortion with some restrictions. January 28th marks 22 years since the Supreme Court of Canada struck down Canada’s abortion law leaving no law or restrictions on abortions whatsoever.

There has never been one test or study showing that an abortion is therapeutic for women. Abortion cures no disease, it is not a medical necessity. Yet Canadians pay about $80 million dollars annually to terminate these young Canadian lives mostly as a form of birth control. Stats Canada shows a recorded total of 2,822,293 abortions between 1969 and 2005. In the nine years following the Supreme Court decision, the number of abortions in Canada increased by a total of 57%! We have now paid for over 3 million tiny babies to be dismembered, poisoned and decapitated with our money and silence.

Can we afford this great loss of life and population?

Aren’t children our future taxpayers and caregivers? In July, 2009, the C.D. Howe Institute, a Canadian public policy think tank, issued a study on the problem of our aging/dying population. The study argues that immigration alone will not offset the effects of Canada's increasing ratio of dependant elderly to workers. Second, they recommend raising the fertility rate; from its current level of only 1.54 children per woman to at least the replacement level of 2.1.

Abortion HURTS women too: Many studies confirm that abortion also causes irreparable damage to women like Depression and Mental Breakdowns, Subsequent Pre-term births, Breast and Cervical Cancers, (30 studies confirm a link to Breast Cancer-www.abortionbreastcancer.com)suicidal tendencies, eating and anxiety disorders, etc. Some women unknowingly abort the only child they could ever have-becoming sterile after their abortion. www.afterabortion.org

In May 2001, a study sponsored by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, compared the reproductive health of 41,039 women who had induced abortions with a similar number who did not undergo induced abortions.

The study only concerned itself with short-term consequences, but in the three-month period after the abortion, women who had an abortion, had a more than FOUR-times higher rate of hospitalizations for infections (6.3 vs. 1.4 per 1000), a FIVE-times higher rate of “surgical events” (8.2 vs 1.6 per 1000), 1 and a nearly FIVE times higher rate of hospitalization for psychiatric problems (5.2 vs. 1.1 per 1000), than the matching group of women who had not had abortions. Now add those up. 2

The choice is whom to have sex with, where, when and why. Once conception takes place, there is an individual created human being with the potential to live for 80 years as a contributor to the progress of this great nation. On behalf of former abortion patients injured by legal abortion, we urge the Prime Minister and Government leaders to stop funding induced abortions. We encourage you to again reinstate abortion laws and restrictions ensuring that pregnant women have access to safe housing and maternal health care and support, not abortion. Women must be educated on ALL of the risk factors of abortion, and know the truth about fetal development. Abortion is really human sacrifice and should be unthinkable in a civil society.


Denise Mountenay


1 Ostbye T, Wenghofer EF, Woodward CA, Gold G, Craighead J. Health services utilization after induced abortions in Ontario: A comparison between community clinics and hospitals. American Journal of Medical Quality 2001 May;6(3):99-106. See Table 3, p. 103, and p. 105.

2(a) Reardon DC, Cougle JR, Rue, VM, Shuping’ MW, Coleman PK, Ney PG. Psychiatric admissions of low-income women following abortion and childbirth. Canadian Medical Association Journal 2003 May 13;168(10):1253-1256.

Denise Mountenay
Speaker/Author of Forgiven... a true story
Canada Silent No More
107 Discovery Ave. Morinville, Alberta, T8R 1N1




The Morgentaler abortion industry is not doing the majority of women, or Canadians a favour by exterminating their preborn children; future teachers, nurses, doctors, technicians, police officers, military personnel, firemen, tradesmen and retail workers etc.

'Most of us never wanted an abortion, but were pressured into it. It was never a 'medical necessity'; we were healthy women ignorantly using abortion as a form of birth control,’ states Denise Mountenay Founder/President of Canada Silent No More. “We believed that if the government allowed it, and the doctors did it, that it must be okay. Many of us were lied to about fetal development being told our babies were 'just clumps of tissue,' Mountenay continues. “However, later, when we learned that our growing children had a beating heart by 3 weeks, arms, legs, fingers and toes by 8 weeks, we were devastated.”

Canada Silent No More is collecting declarations from women hurt and injured by legal abortion for possible lawsuits against abortion doctors for irreparable damages and for failure to provide 'informed consent' on all of the risk factors. 'We were never told about the mountain of studies linking Breast Cancer to induced abortion since 1957(1) We were never informed that induced legal abortion would cause deep sorrow, remorse and guilt. We weren’t told it could cause depression, suicidal thoughts, self-loathing, sleeping, eating and anxiety disorders, that some of us would have irreversible cervical and uterine damage and scarring(2). We were never informed about the 48 studies linking pre-term births in subsequent pregnancies, miscarriages, and for some who would abort the only baby they could ever conceive.' states Mountenay. (3)

Canada Silent No More regularly receives calls from post abortive women who suffer deep physical and emotional pain. “Approximately 10% of women suffer immediate complications, of which about 2% are life threatening. (4)We get calls from women injured physically and emotionally and who suffer in silence and grieve,” Mountenay points out. “Not only that but, research confirms that women who abort are SIX TIMES more likely to commit or attempt suicide afterwards. Women who abort are also SIX TIMES more likely to turn to substance abuse and self destructive behaviour.” She explains. “A 1997 Finnish record based Study found that women who aborted were almost FOUR TIMES more likely to die in the following year, than women who gave birth to their babies. (3) It can affect their bonding with born children, because one is alive, and the other one isn’t…it can affect her sexually, because abortion is connected to sex. (4) It is certainly not a ‘safe' procedure according to the studies.” www.afterabortion.org and www.abortionbreastcancer.com

“Dr. Morgentaler has created an abortion on demand culture, where every day over three hundred babies are aborted in our nation”, states Mountenay. Abortion is not ‘real health care’ for pregnant women. For decades now, Canadian children have been exterminated in the womb, Canadian women are suffering, and we have a population dirge. It is unthinkable to assign Canada’s highest honour to a medical doctor who destroys lives. That is why, Mountenay concludes, “Canada Silent No More urges the Deputy Secretary to Terminate The Order of Canada to Morgentaler immediately on behalf of our unborn children.”

Founder/President107 Discovery Ave. Morinville,AB. T8R 1N1
780-939-5774/Cell: 780-266-5714

EMAIL: denise@canadasilentnomore.com


1. http://www.abortionbreastcancer.com/ABC_Research/graphs/;

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Contact Denise Mountenay President 780-939-5774


Canada Silent No More is a registered non profit society of post abortive women, reaching out to the thousands of other women across Canada who have been hurt and/or damaged by legal abortion physically or emotionally. “We are furious that cancer societies are denying credible research proving that induced abortion indeed is significantly linked to Breast Cancer, a deadly disease, ” states Denise Mountenay Founder/President.

We thank the cancer organizations for the good they do, and we understand that it may be ‘politically incorrect’ for them to say anything negative about abortion as they rely on millions of dollars in donations and from government coffers to pay for their gross salaries, office and expenses every year.

However, we are shouting from the roof tops that women have a right to know that if they choose to have an abortion they could be choosing breast cancer! It has to do with the estrogens factor, the science is clear, the common sense astounding. It is un-refuted that high doses of estrogens can become carcinogenic over time. That is why hormone replacement therapy is now taboo and long term use of birth control pills can also lead to cancer.

When a healthy woman is pregnant, naturally 2,000 times the estrogens are pumped into her breasts in the first trimester to later become milk. An induced abortion artificially terminates that pregnancy, so these cells never get to differentiate and mature to breast milk as intended for the newborn: thus leaving these cells to stagnate. See www.abortionbreastcancer.com and The Breast Cancer Prevention Institute at www.bcpinstitute.org and www.afterabortion.org for references and research.

The two million post abortive women, friends and families will be outraged to learn that these studies have been around for many years and kept under cover! While cancer societies and foundations are flourishing in sponsors, money and rhetoric…breast cancer rates continue to rise and more women are being diagnosed and dying every year.

It is unconscionable that they belittle the mountain of evidence, and refuse to warn women about the link between abortion and breast cancer as a preventable risk factor! To date eight medical associations, only one breast cancer society, a number of Physicians and Breast Cancer surgeons are acknowledging the link.

We urge the cancer societies to do the right thing and warn women of this link, it is a matter of life and death.


EMAIL: silentnomore@shaw.ca