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We suggest the following resources for Help & Healing

When women have gone through the trauma associated with abortion, they are often in need of additional help and healing. We suggest the following resources:
  • SAVE ONE- by Sheila Harper...Great Bible Studies for Men & Women go to Saveone.org
  • Healing Hearts-Online Bible Study for post abortive women and men... www.healinghearts.org
  • FORGIVEN & SET FREE by Linda Cochrane
  • Women’s Health after Abortion-The Medical & Psychological Evidence by Elizabeth R.Cassidy & Ian Gentles by the DeVeber
  • Institute a compilation of studies on the negative after-effects
  • Forbidden Grief-The Unspoken Pain of Abortion by Therese Burke, PhD with David Reardon
  • FORGIVEN of murder…A True Story by Denise Mountenay
  • BREAST CANCER-Its Link to Abortion and the Birth Control Pill by Dr. Chris Kahlenborn, MD
  • DEEPLY DAMAGED - An explanation for the profound problems arising from aborting
  • babies and abusing children by Dr. Philip Ney, MD, FRCP©. MA. RPsych
  • ABORTION-QUESTIONS & ANSWERS by Dr. & Mrs. J. Willke
  • SILENT NO MORE by Dr. David Reardon PhD Suggested websites

The Elliot Institute www.afterabortion.org

The Abortion Breast Cancer Coalition www.abortionbreastcancer.com

The Breast Cancer Prevention Institute www.bcpinstitute.org

Together For Life Ministries- speaker/author www.togetherforlife.ca

Survivors of Abortion online healing course www.survivorsofabortion.org         

Feminists for Life www.feministsforlife.org

Physicians for Life www.physiciansforlife.ca

Alberta Pro Life www.albertaprolife.com

Canadian Pregnancy Centres www.capss.com

Real Women of Canada www.realwomenca.com

Stand Up Girl www.standupgirl.com

Focus on the Family www.family.org

ProLife Shopping www.prolifeshopping.com

Silverlion Ministries www.silverlion.org/index.html

Messengers2.com www.messengers2.com/