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Melody Stefanson

Melody Stefanson is a Board Member of Canada Silent No More (CSNM) and Representative for Saskatchewan. She has been sharing her testimony on the pain of abortion for 6 years now.

About six years ago Melody had watched Denise Mountenay, founder & president of CSNM on the Miracle Channel. Denise gave her testimony and message on abortion. Melody’s deep wounds, remorse and guilt surfaced.…

Maureen Brown

Maureen Brown is a First Nation, Cree woman who lives in Northern Manitoba . Maureen is a public speaker and main spokeswoman for Northern Connections, a First Nations group who travel internationally to share their faith through cultural expressions. She is also a First Nations advocate and a former elected leader of her community.  

Maureen was taught growing up that life is sacred,…

Maria Lee

Maria Lee is the Founder and former Director of Homes of Hope, a home for unwed mothers in Medicine Hat, Alberta.

It is a safe place for unwed teens to come and prepare for their baby’s arrival. Maria regrettably had several abortions when she was younger. She thanks God that she was still able to have four beautiful children and loves being a busy Mom. Mother's Day has been difficult…

Rev. Scott Miller

Rev. Scott Miller is ordained with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada and has an earned a 'Master of Divinity' from the Lutheran Theological Seminary and a 'Masters in Biblical Counselling from Providence Seminary. After counselling young men in the Teen Challenge program he became aware of two serious issues:

(1) Men were struggling with the aftermath of their involvement in abortion


Melony Materi

Melony Materi is the Director at the Options Pregnancy Resource Centre in Saskatchewan and is a post-abortive support group facilitator.  Melony has been sharing her testimony in churches and groups across Saskatchewan, and  joined Denise in a workshop at the United Nations in New York City.


Gloria Lawrenson

In 1979 Gloria Lawrenson was pressured by her boyfriend, friends and nursing instructor at one of Ontario's leading colleges to abort her first child.  She was given incorrect information on fetal development and was never informed of any of abortion's physical or psychological consequences.  It wasn't until she heard another post-abortive woman's testimony in 1989 that Gloria realized that many…

Vicky Kobilke

Vicky Kobilke has been President of Langley Pro Life for years, she knows about the pain of legal abortion and is working hard to bring education to the forefront.  Her compassion for other women who have suffered the pain of legal abortion, has convinced her there is a huge need.

Kathereen Kessler

I was 19 when I had my abortion. I am 45 now, I regret it so much and been living in guilt for 26 years. I remember the drive home after the abortion I was with my Mom and my Grandma and no one spoke a word the entire 2 hour trip.

Abortion destroyed my soul, causing depression, self-destructive behaviour and substance abuse.

For years I could not even look at other children or…

Marielle Séguin

Marielle Séguin est la dixième d'une famille de treize enfants. À l'âge de 27 ans, elle se trouve enceinte. Réticente, elle se fait avorter suite aux pressions de son ami. Les séquelles de cet acte furent qu’elle ne pu avoir d’enfants et le regrette profondément.

Depuis 1989, elle partage son témoignage dans les écoles, églises et groupes de femmes. Elle a travaillé en tant que Directrice…

Michelle Thomas

Michelle Thomas from Brampton, Ontario

At the age of 22, I had an abortion. I became Pergnant in my second to last year of University. Fear of the unknown and pressure from others, ultimately lead me to end the life of my child. Even though, I had my boyfriend's love and support,I believed the lie that it was my decision and my body. Legalized abortion hurt me in so many ways. Emotionally,…

Hundreds of other women too many to mention... Thanks for sharing, Thanks for being a voice! We believe in the forgiveness of God and the power of prayer to heal wounded souls.

We are here for you!

We hope that you will join us

Together we will make a difference as Canada Silent No More

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