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Carolynn George

Carolynn George is a believer in Jesus Christ who has struggled in the past with issues related to abortion, sexual abuse, childhood hurts and other losses in her life. She has been on a healing journey for over twenty years and she shares about her personal abortion experience wherever she can in order to raise awareness, educate, and let those who are still suffering know that there is freedom…

Marlon B.

On the morning of the abortion, I was overcome by the sickening feeling that had made itself home to me ever since she found out she was pregnant and began wrestling with what to do about it. It was a toxic mixture of despair, regret, anger, helplessness, powerlessness, and an overwhelming feeling that something utterly tragic was about to happen. Sure enough, when she called a few hours later and…

Denise Mountenay Founder/President

Denise Mountenay is a captivating international speaker with an urgent, timely message. She is reaching out to thousands of people across Canada and around the world on choices that hurt.

Almost 3 MILLION women have had an abortion in Canada. Over 300 abortions daily, totaling over 100,000 abortions annually across our nation. Canada along with many other western…

Hundreds of other women too many to mention... Thanks for sharing, Thanks for being a voice! We believe in the forgiveness of God and the power of prayer to heal wounded souls.

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